Monday, April 27, 2009

'Toolin' around town and just seeing the sights.....

(photo at left is the Main Street of the Zocalo by the Municipal Palace, that's my husband and son's heads you see too! lol)
Finally made it down to the historic Centro of Puebla. Such a nice day and we decided to go for a walk, see the sights and look around. The internet was still acting up (still does, looking for another provider while I fight with the first one....) so nothing much to do while I'm waiting for the paint to dry on the new kitchen cabinets and trying to get all the sanding powder out of the house...... BUT while I was on my way out the door (again due to having forgotten the camera, duh...) we had a small earthquake (shades of LA! gave me some memories of other shakers past.....) later heard it was a small 5.7 quake in Mexico City.

Found a wrought iron worker that turned out to be good and reasonable and got screen windows done for all the windows in the house, including the bathrooms and got the laundry room / balcony screened in too so Kitty won't take a flying leap either.... so now she can take some sun and fresh air all over the place and it's GREAT!!!!!

(photo at right and we are slowly getting to the Zocalo, same heads there too...)
Anyway, getting back to our latest foray into the Colonial splendors of Puebla, we ambled over to the Main Plaza or Zocalo and where rewarded by a parking place close by..... and once we got to the Cathedral's plaza we found there was a demonstration by the PT Party (Partido del Trabajo) and Manuel Lopez Obrador was right in front of us giving his speech! (If I had known this crazyness would be there today, I wouldn't have gone down there but we were already there and decided to "go with the flow"...

Lovely archways, shops and stores with restaurants having tables under the arches looking out onto the plaza, quite nice really. Very handsome buildings all about with intricate architectural details and cobblestone streets. Due to the demonstration some streets were closed to vehicle traffic making it even easier to walk around the plaza and enjoy the sights since there were quite a few people listening to the political rally.

Going around the wholel expanse of the plaza, you have Puebla's Cathedral on one side with it's wide plaza out front secured by lovely wrought iron gates topped full of angels. Across from this is the park with a beautiful angel fountain and once you cross the street from this is the Mayor's Office and government buildings with the arches and white marbel staircase. Hotels take the top floors giving guests a view to all this and all types of restaurants line the entire area for either indoor or al fresco dining which is very popular here. Fountains all over this Colonial plaza with bronze touches and Talavera pots with colorful plants adorning the sidewalks, even the cobblestone street has marble inlay.

The Cathedral is a wonderful representation of the period with Spanish master paintings, domes all over lined in gold leaf and a central altar very reminiscent of some of the Vatican's artwork. Large, cross like design, marble floors, stained glass windows and worth a visit.

Have more pictures of this trip which I will post as soon as the internet settles down, hopefully tomorrow and I will tell you about the Palafoxian Library, neighboring Colonial buildings and more of the area...... See you soon

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