Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is MY birthday.... We're gonna have a good time!!

Had the Beattles Birthday song on my mind all day long, but Jethro Tull's lyrics ran a close second too, yet the Beattles won out:

"You say it's your birthday...
It's my birthday too yeah.
They say it's your birthday,
We're gonna have a good time.
I'm glad it's your birth
Happy birthday to you....."

The tune was the background music to my day while I tooled around town doing errands and
wrote my blog.... for those of you that aren't familiar with Beattlemania, I would recommend
you look up the song in question and play it for yourself. Catchy little tune that will give you
some adrenaline too. Also brings back fond memories of hallucinations of times past no longer
possible..... just what happens as you get older, anyway, another one of life's tricks....

As I was passing the "Casa Alfenique" (left) on my way downtown looking for some craft products I am needing in my kitchen project, I noticed about a third of the population wearing our now ever present "face masks" to ward of the Porcine Influenza bug that seems intent on decimating Mexico's population and I figured, as a good Boy Scout (I'll have to tell you about this story some day) I should stop and purchase some for my family along with industrial quantities of our favorite drug of choice: Cevalin Effervesent Vitamin C tablets in 10,000 mg doses (kills everything folks, truly fab!) but after hitting about a dozen pharmacies (so much for my OCD tendencies) I realized there are none to be had. Oh well, must not be in my karma to get any so I will go with the flow and chill..... Ohm.... Ohm.... Ohm....

I then continued on my original journey, the one I was one before being freaked out by Mexico's ever present yellow journalism and directed my vehicle downtown to search for wood stain, wood sealant in a satin finish, gold powder, sanding disks, aerosol paint and other goodies designed to fulfill my creative tendencies and give me a workable, zen like kitchen which will allow my creative culinary ideas to flow and produce food fit for the Gods (us of course! lol)

Past the Casa Bello (right) I go, now a Museum full of all things Spanish Conquistador like, when I realize I'm right by the Main Plaza and can finish my downtown trek quit easily. Finding a parking space gives me the signal I need that this is what's in store at this time and I'm off to visit the Palafoxian Library which is located inside of the Casa de la Cultura on Calle 5 Oriente #5 and is a Historic Site by Presidential Decree. (left, the entrance to the Library is in itself a thing of beauty) Built in 1646 with the original donation of 5000 books from Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza and then with additional donations and exquisite shelving by the Bishop, a Baroque altar piece, the Tropana Virgen painting, onyx and inlaid tables plus a circular atrium make this a truly visualy imposing place to see.
At present it's a Bibliographical Museum holding over 43,000 editions which are mostly in long dead languages and dealing in filosphy, theology and Canonic Law. The oldest book dates back to 1493 and is about the Nuremberg Chronicles. A truly imposing and worthwile visit all around.

Walking out I decide to continue and head towards the archways by the Municipal Palace and sit to "people watch", one of my favorite occupations in multi-cultural areas and notice a "churro / bunuelo / pastry" shop next to the coffee shop where I'm sitting. Nothing beats an Expresso in the afternoon with a "Churro" chaser.... most excellent! After a while, totally refreshed and ready to continue my walk, I head towards my original destination and make it to 11th and 13th streets which if you're familiar with the "lay of the land" around these parts (like I'm an old hand at this, right.... but I can say that I've gotten lost several times which is how I came to know this....) you learn that downtown is organized by "subject", one street is mostly beauty products; another is furniture; while another is paint and hardware and then it's traditional candies, sewing stuff, electronics and so on. You have to admit that once you figure it out it's a pretty handy way to do it..... plus it's all set close by so even if you don't find it right off, it's probably around the corner.....

Got my stuff and hurried home since we had agreed to go out for dinner to celebrate the occasion and I knew they'd want to head out faily early since we've been kind of disorganized lately having dinner at 10 or 11 o' clock at night and we are trying to "get it together...". Luckily the Centro area is not far from home (we lucked out and found a loft type apartment in the old El Mirador area of town which reminds me a lot of la Colonia Condesa of Mexico City with tree lined streets, flowers and greenery along the way, high rise buildings with lots of windows and light, small cafe's and shops, and all centrally located and close by (karma again was on my side surely since everyone has commented places in this area are very hard to come by).

Anyway, we settled on Sushi for dinner and I'm glad we did as it was an excellent meal featuring wonderfully tasty dishes reminding me of some favorite places in Sta Barbara, San Diego and Las Vegas. Those flavor notes hit just the right cords in my memory and I'm glad we chose Sushi Itto tonight at the Plaza Palmas in Angelopolis. It was a great ending to a lovely day celebrating the date (but not the year, at least not anymore...OMG!)

Got home and Kitty ("Cuquita", my small feral kitty kat) had a warm welcome for me and I have just enough time to write these lines, relax with a Capuccino and read for a little while before turning in. Another year down the tubes and another year nearer to the great beyond, just hope lessons learned mean my next life will be forward and not back, although I wouldn't mind coming back as either my dog or cat.... they have THE perfect life hands down in whatever life they're on.....

Don't forget to check back for my continuing adventures, same bat time, same bat channel- until then.... everyone stay safe from the Swine Flu. UPDATE ON MEXICO: 2,498 cases with 159 deaths and presently 1,311 people hospitalized. No cases in Puebla so far.....

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