Saturday, March 14, 2009

Moving Companies.... Packing.... UUFFF!

The house is looking kind of funny, with most of "our" stuff packed away it now looks like somebody else's house but that's ok, except for kitty who is really resenting loosing some of her favorite spots for napping and scouting the local wild things that pass by the window.... she's an adopted Yucatecan feral kitty who has done a good job of training us to do her bidding... she's definetly a keeper and so she will come along for the ride....
Had to go talk to the vet yesterday about calming kitty down since she doesn't do well in the car or in her carrier (does NOT like being cooped up), she dislikes closed doors (like when you go to the bathroom), and she can stand in the middle of a room and give you "the look" which clearly says "submit to me human!".... she also talks (really.... ) and is a great communicator (which means she always gets what she wants), like I said, we've been well trained. Vet gave me some pills to give her so she wouldn't make our drive "the trip to hell".... and so we needed to try and see what the correct dosage for her is (she's petite and the only family member that actually sticks to the Atkins diet for she only eats protein in the form of fish or shellfish), I should ammend that to include eating rotissery chicken from Mega ONLY! (yes, I've tried the others and they're no-go, lol) anyway, tried half a tablet ground down to a fine powder and mixed with butter and then smeared on her little leg (which she promptly cleaned with a look of !YUK, what are you doing?".... but she took the medicine.
About 30 min later, her third lid came up (I hate seeing this) meaning she was under some influence and she started walking "tipsy"... so forget the nap and I stayed around her worried she might fall or trip or whatever since it didn't keep her down.... she didn't want a nap, kept getting up and doing the rounds.... with me following... (I know, I know.... worry wart me), I only saw an effect for about 2 hours actually and not the 6-8 the vet told me about... guess she's going to need more meds (can I have some? I was a nervous wreck after the experiment! I thought she'd get sick or something...) so will try again after a couple of days so she doesn't get ticked off at me.... we're leaving friday so I better get a move on....
Going down my TO-Do list brought me to interviewing moving companies and getting quotes to get our stuff to the center of Mexico and our storage.... we don't have much furniture, just a stove and fridge, some boxes and other stuff but nowhere near a full house anymore. I keep trying to move light and would love to just lock the door and walk away from everything but my husband and son need their "stuff" and keep loading me down.... oh well, guess everyone is different and get security from different things, huh? Me, I like to own nothing (well, maybe kitty most days...) so I can pass along 2 companies that made appointments and kept them, they were even on time! TA DA.... it does happen, folks!, these companies are:
Transportes Mendez at 929-5745 and Muebles y Mudanzas at 983-0198- they arrived, we showed them everything we are taking, they made some notes and gave us a quote of about $7000 mxn including insurance, loading and unloading- complete service. They can also do a dedicated truck (only your stuff for more than twice) or a shared move (which we are doing for the price stated), will take between a week to 2 weeks. They have GPS on their trucks and will give us the driver's cell phone to keep tabs on him if we want to. He will call us when he is almost set to arrive so we can meet them too. 50% down - balance on delivery, official receipt too.
Haven't decided on who to use but we are set and almost ready to go.... now all I need to do is cancel the phone and SKY service and we are off!!!!
The good-bye dinners have begun and only have one more friend to meet with and we are done! Days will fly so I'm getting errands taken care of so we don't have to hassle at our new destination for a while....
Since the heat has been here now for a couple of weeks (sooner than other years and even locals say this is the earliest heat ever!) and my husband and son react badly to the heat and humidity (which is the reason for the move), we're leaving just in time to not only escape the heat but get our of Dodge before Spring Break.... OMG.... everyone goes out of town then, too much traffic and we don't want to get caught in it....
We will drive to Villahermosa, Tabasco first (having lunch with business associates in Campeche along the way) and spend the night there and then head towards the center of Mexico the following day.... lovely sights await us and most excellent food too, can't wait!
Keep checking in for a full blow by blow account of our adventure!

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