Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fish and Chips.-

Fish and Chips.-

4 Fish fillets (Filete oriental or whatever you like, white fish like Cod)
1-2 Cans of beer (I've used all kinds)
1-2 cups flour
salt and pepper
cayenne pepper
oil for frying
Potatoes for the chips

Put the flour in a bowl and empty one of the beer cans in. Mix until no lumps but don't over beat. Let rest about 10-15 min so the beer can do it's thing.
You can cut the fillets into the size you like if you think they're too big. Put some flour on a plate and put the salt, pepper and cayenne pepper in the flour (will be used to lightly cover the fish to keep it whole and to season the flour) and dust off any excess.
Put oil in a pan for frying, about 1/2 inch depth would do. Once it is hot, dip fish (one piece at a time into the beer batter and make sure it's well covered. Batter will be thick. Lay on the hot oil and resist the temptation to move it or unstick it, once the fish is golden brown it will unstick by itself (I learned this the hard way by getting bald spots on the fish, not good). You can test by lightly lifting one edge of the fish, if it lets go easily you may turn. Put fish in a colander to drain or on paper towels. Do not allow fish to sit around, best if eaten right away when crunchy.
You can do regular french fries in another pan at the same time -OR- you can try Beer Batter Fries (yes, they are a bit much but are a family favorite and really good). Use same batter and drop cut fries all at once but must be put into the oil one at a time so the breading covers all sides.
NOTE: You can do this to: carrots, brocoli, onions, beets, green beans, egg foo young, tuna patties, etc. you get the idea. This is a great batter to cover stuff with a la tempura (a little heavier but crunchy and great coverage) You can also make fish nuggets and turn them into appetizers with a great sauce or Fish Tacos! (made out of shrimp, lobster, white fish, etc.)

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