Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Platanos Machos Rellenos or Stuffed Plantains

Ok, we've all seen the big bananas they call "Machos" right? Platano Macho. They are hard and spotted, high in carbs and really hold their shape and are great for frying..... here's another way to enjoy them!
Buy 3-4 platanos machos and have some refried black beans ready (refried, but you can use any other kind of refried beans as well)
Put plantains in a pan (skins and all) with about an inch of water in the pan, cover and cook for about 10-15 min or until you poke them and they feel softer but not mushy. Let them cool. Peel them and put the meat in a bowl and mash until it resembles mashed potatoes (yes, you can have them this way too). Now take a lump of the bananas, about a small ball's worth and put in your palm and shape it into a cylinder shape. With your finger, push your finger into the banana and leave a space where your finger was.... fill this space with the refried beans and cover the beans up so all you see is the banana (now stuffed with beans), you can also stuff with cheese like panela..... Place a pan on med heat with some oil for frying and get it hot. Start putting your banana cylinders in the oil and fry until they are all golden, turning to make sure they are even on all sides. Put on paper towels. Serve as a side dish (kids will eat these alone, believe me) and you can place on a banana leaf and drizzle with crema and habanero salsa! This is a great side dish......

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