Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cream of Bean Soup

How about something else to do with those beans you cooked up? Put the cooked beans with some of their liquid into the blender, about 2 cups I guess. Add 2 tblsp of ground cumin powder, 1 tsp ground red chile powder, salt and pepper and blend until thick and rich. You can add water or more bean liquid until you get the consistency you want for a cream soup. Keep it hot in a pan and watch for burning (low heat). Fry up some tortillas strips until crispy and hard. Cut up some cheese chunks or shred some cheese, get some crema too. To put it together for eating: In a bowl: put some tortillas strips in there, to about half the bowl. Put the cheese on top. Serve the hot bean soup on top of this and top with some crema or sour cream. Enjoy..... You can also top with Pico de Gallo, chopped veggies, chicken, meat, etc.

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