Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Introducing "People Who Eat With Spoons", my new food blog.....

Just a quick note to tell you about my new food blog: "People Who Eat With Spoons"...... you can see the link to your left so you can link to it easily.

You will also notice I've added a Search bar to make searching for recipes much easier, now you won't have to page down an endless list of info to get where you want, just enter the name of the dish and it will appear. Pretty neat, huh?

Big changes happening all around and these brought about the changes here, so for a more detailed view of things this blog will still be here, but when I'm focusing more on one type of thing- the new blog http://peoplewhoeatwithspoons.blogspot.com will be there for that.

As always, I am around for questions, comments or help and I am always glad to hear from you. So join me for this new adventure..... Talk soon!

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