Friday, June 26, 2009

"Tostas" or "Bruschetas"..... A lovely light supper or appetizer!!!!....

Whichever way you call them.... "Tostas" or "Bruschetas", these lovely tapas style munchies are perfect for guests, buffet's, lunches, lunchboxes, picnics, beach parties, sophisticated cocktails, light suppers, football parties, weekend get-together, with drinks or just because you feel like something yummy!......

(Plus they adapt to the vegetarians, meat or fish lovers on your list without any problem on what to make for each...)

Lay these out and watch them dissapear.....

Easy to make, as long as you have great ingredients to contribute to the assembling, ready in a snap and beloved by all..... if you pair it with some great beverages, like beer, some wine or whatever you feel like at the moment, you've got a hit!....

Or do a "clean out the fridge party" and have a ball!

Tip: These are so easy to make you can have the kids help too... just give them the instructions and watch them get creative... they do great and there won't be any problems on they're not eating their creations either!......... (if they're not big on garlic, toast the bread in butter alone or mayo)

Some of these used to be a big hit at my Martini Bar on the beach in Puerto Vallarta - on Los Muertos Beach in Olas Altas.... they bring fond memories every time we have them... so why not create your own memories of good time and share some of these tasty bites with friends!

It doesn't matter what your toppings will be, the basics are the same:

1- Really good bread.... hard, crusty, whole and healthy...
2- Virgin Olive Oil... the flavor's hard to beat...
3- Fresh Garlic... how could you go wrong with that!

Toast the bread first so it's crunchy, rub it well with some sliced garlic and olive oil and you're good to put the finishing touches on... (Or you can put 1/4 cup olive oil and 6-8 cloves or garlic into the blender and make an infussion to "paint" the bread with or make your own mix)- The rest is all inspiration...

Here are some that might give you some ideas:

* Fresh or Sun Dried Tomatoes, chopped with Black Olives, Mozzarella Cheese and Basil

* Roasted Vegetables, Goat Cheese, Fresh Pepper and Oregano

* Roasted Pears, Goat or Fresh Cheese, Rosemary and Vinaigrette

* Avocado, Red Onion, Chopped Tomato, Cilantro and Lemon Pepper

* Tappenade: Black and Green Olives chopped with Garlic, Capers and Lemon

* Poblano Chili Strips, Onion, Oregano, Cream and Vinaigrette

* Mushrooms with Roasted Garlic and Sour Cream

* Leeks, Cooked Potato and Cheese

* Beets in Ginger with Honey and Rosemary

* Serrano Ham, Grape Tomatoes, Fresh Oregano and Olive Oil

* Crispy Pancetta and Spinach, Roasted Garlic and a touch of Lemon

* Shredded Chicken with Pineapple, Onion and Cheese

* Chicken Salad with Red Pepper, Peas and Green Beans, Dijon Mustard

* Pulled Pork with Spicy BBQ Sauce

* Fried Plantains with Manchego Cheese

* Mozzarella, Prosciutto and Roasted Red Peppers

* Manchego Cheese, Shrimp and Chives

* Potato Slices, Chorizo and Cheese

* Ham, Tomato and Parmessan Slices

* Arrugula, Sliced Parmessan, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

* Sardine, Mustard, Tomato and Parsley

* Tuna, Capers, Green Onion, Parlsey and Mayonnaise

Try these out, you'll be glad you did..... and Cheers!.......

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