Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Coundown is ON!!!!!

Almost have it all done and we're ready for the move.... my clothes are already packed and the only things still unpacked are kitchen things (the last to get packed and the first unpacked) and Rene's computer (also another high priority item!) and I won't disconnect the WiFi connection until the very last minute or Rene will go into withdrawal or something akin to what happens to vampires out in the sunshine, lol......
Anyway, no more stuff in the house (Ricardo has it all packed and outside waiting for the movers) and what there is has the really nice decorator touch of silver duct tape all over, quite stylish really, I'm sure not even a bomb would blow that stuff off the boxes!
Kitty has been having little stress attacks seeing her favorite spots disappear right before her eyes and looks like she'd like to know where they went to.... but, I'm hoping she settles down a little for the trip so it won't be sooo bad. She doesn't do well in her carry-all and I've taken it out and set it on the table so she could get used to seeing it, but she keeps a good distance from it- not liking this arrangement at all. Have already bought her favorite foods, some Depends to put on the bottom of her carry-all, a toy and I'm lending her my shirt which smells like "Mom".... maybe this will make her feels better.... she's so attached to her little routines, I hope she won't be too upset or angry at us for turning her little world upside down.
Already have hotel reservations done and a Vet which will keep her while we get a new house, the car had work done to make it road-ready and the cleaning lady is coming right after the movers so she can leave the house clean- can't think of anything else to do at this point.
I'm still cooking, trying to finish up what perishable food we have in the house so we don't waste anything. Right now there is a Bourbon Bread Pudding in the oven bubbling away and I have some real cream Vanilla Ice Cream I made yesterday waiting in the freezer to complete the dish. There will be Chipotle Meatballs with yesterday's leftover rice and some refried beans for later, much much later- we had Eggs Benedict for lunch and I'm still full- maybe a nap would be the thing....
Nothing much else is going on, everything seems to have settled in for a nap in the midafternoon heat, I can hear the AC's going in Rene's and our room as Ricardo is having a cold beer while he watches the 2 pm news from Mexico City....
A nap sounds very nice now that I think of it.... when in Rome as they say, plus here in the tropics it's more like: "when in doubt, take a nap"..... lol

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