Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Encurtidos or Veggies in Brine?

This is a very typical "botana" that is sometimes on the table when you go to a Mexican Restaurant (in Jalisco and the center of Mexico usually but not here) and they typically include: Jicama, Onion, Carrots, Jalapenos and other "crudites".... You have to peel and chop the jicama; the onion, carrot and other hard vegetables have to be parboiled so they loose the hardness while still being firm but not hard, and the jalapenos are put in green, whole. Put in a large jar or other non-reactive pot can cover with white vinegar, some oil, salt and pepper, laurel leaves, oregano and any other spices you like and leave, covered, until they are ripe and ready and the vinegar soaks in..... you should taste them every couple of days to insure their condition and you know when they are ready. You can vary the veggies and the chiles but this is the most traditional preparation. Usually served as a side dish or like salsa, to give extra flavor to whatever you are eating.

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