Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chilaquiles .....mmmmm!

Nothing better than some spicy Chilaquiles for breakfast....mmmm
First, make the sauce:
Tomato Sauce, 3 garlic cloves, 1/2 a small onion, chicken consome powder, pepper, cilantro, 1 chipotle pepper (try one, taste, then you can add more or not), 1 tbls sugar, in the blender until smooth. TASTE IT and adjust seasonings. I add another 2 chipotle peppers because I want it "nose running" spicy to clear the sinuses, great!
Put it in a small sauce pan and get it warm and ready.
Chop up some tortillas into squares and put in hot oil and fry until crispy but don't brown (tortilla color shouldn't get dark, just slightly golden), drain on paper towels and put in your plate.
Are you serving beans too or something else or just this? Arrange your plate.
Get that old chicken from the fridge, shred or cut up and put on top of the fried tortillas. You could also put some slices of onion there too. Now put the chipotle sauce on top so you have enough for everything. Top with cheese (asadero, manchego, whatever, melting cheese is fine) and either melt in microwave or broiler. Before serving you can top with crema or sour cream, put some cotija cheese too (crumbling cheese) and some cilantro leaves for color, thin radish slices..... Enjoy!..... Great for every day and make them spicy for hangovers..... vary the sauce too, green, red, and the meat or non-meat.

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