Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome to my food blog!!!!!

After many years in the food business (I'm pooped) we came to Mexico to take it easy (what's that?) and ended up in Merida, Yucatan..... (My husband liked it.....) right in the middle of the Mayan Empire (or what's left of it).
I've lived in many areas of Mexico, being Mexican..... Originally grew up in Tijuana, BCFA Norte so I am a "Nortena"... or "straight shooter", we're known as open and direct.... (I am, so the Yucatecos here don't know what to make of me..), but moved to the States when I got married (I am a dual nationality citizen) and moved around a lot. I should also mention that there is a BIG difference in people and lifestyles between the North and South of Mexico and we feel it every day. Here we are called "huachos" a despective term for anyone not Yucatecan....
To this day the people in Yucatan do not consider themselves Mexican, for this is still the Yucatan Republic and they want nothing to do with the rest of the country, they still have their own flag and everything! So, anyone not Yucatecan is a foreigner..... they tolerate Americans more than they do other Mexicans.....
But this and other things have kept this area of the country as it is now..... only recently has the influx of foreigners made a real "dent" into Merida's daily living. More and more the comments about foreigners "taking over and fixing up all the buildings" are heard in the Cafe's around town; everyone wants to sell but they don't want to see the new residents....go figure.
But this blog is about food and cooking and all other related items, so we will stick to the subject at hand, ok?
Having been a Chef I've cooked everything, but I've been specializing in antique Mexican Cooking for some time now, especially seeing that due to "progress" women have come out to the workplace and more than ever people are no longer cooking. You ask young women what she eats at home and she will say "I buy food at the cocina economica" or if we are talking about a specific dish it could be "My mother (or grandmother) used to make that" but they are no longer cooking and our culinary heritage will one day disappear...... so, I go to small towns, talk to old people, search out old recipes and bring them back so they will not disappear.... I've found some incredible food along the way I'm hoping to share with all of you.....
Hold on, you're in for a great trip...... Mmmmm

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  1. What a great idea to save all the old recipes! I'll have to give some of them a try, they look wonderful.